A Corner With Editions #1 Lethe


A Corner With Editions #1 Lethe


An exhibition catalogue interpreting the current show, A Corner With Erola Arcalís, 17-20 May 2018 at A Corner With.

A Corner With Editions

#1: Lethe

by Trine Stephensen

With an image by Erola Arcalís.

Pages: 36 Format: Softcover Size: 20 x 25 cm Printing: 100 gsm Uncoated, black print throughout with unique cut outs in each publication. Hand bound with linen. Edition: 50

A voice comes to one in the dark.



With this sentence, Erola Arcalís invites the viewer to an intimate space. We enter into a cave with only a few references to Greek mythology as a guide. The words “Lethe” and “Aletheia” in Greek translate as “to forget, to conceal” and “to remember, to reveal”, respectively; but it refers also to truth and its negation, untruth. Abstract images coexist with figurative ones, playing with scale and subject. A fragmented still life, an orphaned trace, a singled stalagmite; constitute different voices of memories.

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